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Georgia NAACP Joins Forces with Dekalb NAACP to Deliver Over 1000 Turkeys in South Dekalb Community

In the spirit of gratitude and community, the Georgia NAACP teamed up with the Dekalb NAACP for their Annual Turkey Drive, and the results were truly heartwarming. Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs joined the effort for the 10 straight year. The dedicated members of the Georgia NAACP, alongside their counterparts from the Dekalb NAACP, came together to spread joy and ensure that families in the South Dekalb community have a bountiful Thanksgiving. With partners from the 100 Black Men, Huglife Cares, Office of the DeKalb County Sheriff, NCNW, Streetz 945, the Dream Center ATL, Commissioner Larry Johnson, and many others, the community delivered the needs of the neighbors before the holiday break.

A caravan of goodwill descended on South Dekalb Mall delivering not just turkeys but also a message of hope and solidarity. With over 1000 turkeys in tow, these passionate individuals worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. This effort of giving back is a testament to the power of community activism and the strength that arises when people unite for a common cause. It's more than just a turkey drive; it's a celebration of compassion, empathy, and the shared commitment to building a better, more inclusive world.

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Great deed

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