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Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs visits Effingham County NAACP for Freedom Fund Celebration.

(Guyton, Ga) On a crisp evening in Georgia, a little under 200 individuals gathered at the Guyton Recreation Center to celebrate the Effingham County NAACP Annual Freedom event. State President Gerald Griggs joined the congregation in recognizing the previous year's efforts to bolster civil rights, foster community engagement, and safeguard voting rights. Under the guidance of Branch President Henry Allen and the Executive Board, the Effingham County NAACP has flourished in terms of membership growth, community involvement, and civic outreach.

During his keynote address, Mayor Van Johnson of Savannah delivered an impassioned speech, emphasizing the NAACP's mission and underscoring his status as a dedicated Gold life member. He issued a challenge to the assembly, urging them to continue making history and steering the community in a positive direction. Mayor Johnson asserted, "We must remember our identity, our purpose, and the importance of supporting the next generation."

Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs commended the Effingham County Branch for its significant contributions, highlighting the collective achievements of branches across Georgia. He expressed pride in their work and extended an invitation, stating, "We are building a robust Georgia State Conference thanks to the dedication of branches like the Effingham County NAACP. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the 81st Georgia NAACP State Conference Convention next week."

President Gerald Griggs with Henry Allen and Mayor Van Johnson

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