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ATLANTA - The family of a 21-yr-old man killed by a former Atlanta Police Department officer is still pleading for justice three years later.Jimmy Atchison was shot and killed while hiding in a closet during an FBI warrant execution at an Adamsville apartment complex back in January 2019. The family of Jimmy Atchison still demands answers and accountability for the 2019 shooting death of their beloved son.

Atlanta police Officer Sung Kim, who has since retired, was pursuing Atchison while trying to arrest him on a warrant related to accusations of stealing a woman’s purse at gunpoint. Kim and several other officers, who were part of an FBI task force, chased Atchison through the apartment complex where he was located. Atchison entered a different apartment and hid in a closet, according to a report from the Fulton DA’s public integrity unit.

“Our concern is if you’re going to prosecute without fear or favor, you need to go after law enforcement who violate the public trust with the same veracity that you’re going after rappers, artists, and potentially the former president of the United States,” Georgia NAACP Chapter President Gerald Griggs stated.

Griggs estimates there are “dozens” of Black families in Atlanta, just like Hill, who have not yet had their cases addressed by the DA’s office.

“She said that she expects to get through them all by the end of the year,” Griggs said, referencing what he has been told by the DA’s office. When asked if he believed it could be done, Griggs said, “We’ll see.”


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