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In observance of Women's History Month, the Georgia NAACP proudly celebrates the extraordinary contributions of the countless women, particularly Black Women, who have fearlessly fought for equality, justice, freedom, and opportunity in our State. We unequivocally reaffirm our unwavering commitment to advancing the rights and opportunities of women and girls in Georgia and beyond. It is our solemn duty to honor and preserve the legacy of trailblazers and unsung heroines who have guided Georgia's history and will continue to shape its future.

As aptly stated by Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs, "We must lift up the voice of the sheroes in Georgia that have made this State great. We must honor their sacrifices and accomplishments."

The Georgia State Conference remains devoted to amplifying the voices of Black women and women of color. We will continue to honor and celebrate their contributions throughout the year, and especially during Women's History Month.

The Georgia State Conference of the NAACP wishes everyone a joyous Women's History Month.

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