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NAACP condemns City leaders for hosting Donald Trump at GOP Convention in Columbus, Ga.

Just prior to his speech, representatives from the local and state branches of the NAACP voiced their opposition to Donald Trump's presence in the Fountain City.

President Gerald Griggs addresses former President Donald Trump visit to Columbus, Ga.

“On behalf of the 3.3 million black people and all of the people of color in this state, we have one message for Donald Trump. Get out of Georgia,” Georgia State NAACP President Gerald Griggs said.

In the 37-count indictment, the former president, who is currently running for president again, is charged with mishandling classified documents. Among them are files labeled 'top secret,' containing sensitive information regarding nuclear weapons and military strategy.

“We speak up on behalf of people of color around this state who believe that is important, that people have good moral values, that individuals abide by the law, that individuals do not incite violence, that individuals do not keep sensitive government documents in bathrooms,” Griggs said.

Columbus NAACP President Hailes responds to Donald Trump's visit to Columbus, Ga.

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