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NAACP Georgia State President Gerald Griggs convenes Statewide Branch Listening Tour

The Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs announced the launching of his Statewide Branch Listening Tour. Today, Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs will begin a four (4) day of virtual tour of Georgia to build unity and capacity with the 180 branches of the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP.

President Griggs stated, "the purpose of the tour is to listen directly to the concerns, suggestions, and best practices of the units throughout the State of Georgia." "Further, it is the hope that the tour will be a continuing partnership between the branches and the State Conference," Griggs concluded.

The theme of the listening is #movingforward in unity for justice and change. Over the next four days, branches and members will have an opportunity to learn about the latest objectives of the State Conference and the out of the other branches across the State. Ultimately, it will be an opportunity to come together in the fight for justice, equity, and power throughout the State of Georgia.


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