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New Laws Taking Effect in Georgia on July 1, 2024 / Legislative Update

Starting July 1, several new laws will be taking effect in Georgia. Governor Brian Kemp has signed a variety of bills, covering topics from healthcare to public safety. Here’s a breakdown of the new laws and what they mean for Georgians.

Tax Cuts

1. House Bill 1015: This bill aims to put more money back into the pockets of Georgians by gradually reducing the state income tax rate from 5.49% to 4.99%.

2. House Bill 1021: This bill increases the income tax dependent exemption from $3,000 to $4,000 per dependent.

3. House Bill 1023: This bill lowers the corporate income tax rate from 5.75% to 5.39%, providing financial relief for businesses.


1. House Bill 872: Provides service-cancelable loans to dental students and other healthcare professionals who agree to work in rural areas, with priority given to roles experiencing shortages.

2. Senate Bill 480: Similar to House Bill 872, but focuses on mental health and substance use professionals by creating a student loan repayment program.

3. House Bill 874: Requires all Georgia schools to have automated external defibrillators outside their buildings for easier access during emergencies.


1. House Bill 409: Known as Addy's Law, it allows school systems to consider bus routes that avoid requiring motorists to stop for students getting on and off the bus, improving student safety.

2. Senate Bill 395: This bill has two major components: providing overdose-reversal drugs like Narcan to schools and banning the use of puberty blockers for youth in Georgia.

3. House Bill 970: Expands eligibility for higher education scholarships to victims of human trafficking.

Public Safety

1. Senate Bill 159: Increases penalties for those providing contraband to inmates, with even harsher penalties for facility workers caught smuggling items.

2. House Bill 1193: Requires certain vehicles, including tow trucks and emergency vehicles, to have flashing or revolving amber lights for better visibility and safety.

3. Senate Bill 421: Strengthens penalties against false reports of shootings and bomb threats, known as swatting.

4. Senate Bill 10: Cracks down on drag racing by making it a misdemeanor to knowingly attend or facilitate drag racing events and increases fines for illegal street racing.

What are the lastest new laws in Georgia taking effect July 1, 2024

Other Notable Laws

1. House Bill 404: The Safe at Home Act ensures rental homes and apartments are habitable and restricts landlords from charging more than two months' rent for a security deposit.

2. Senate Bill 189: Introduces new rules for challenging voter qualifications, potentially allowing more candidates on Georgia's presidential ballot and banning QR codes for ballot counting after 2026.

3. House Bill 1207: Allows for a reduced number of voting machines and gives election supervisors flexibility in the number of voting booths in precincts.

4. Senate Bill 420: Bans any agents of China from buying farmland in Georgia or commercial land near military installations.

These new laws cover a wide range of issues, aiming to improve the lives of Georgians by offering tax relief, enhancing public safety, improving healthcare, and making education safer and more accessible.

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