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President Gerald Griggs, Georgia NAACP, & Coffee County NAACP demand answers in Pernell Harris case.

Douglas, Ga. (NAACP) - The family of Pernell Harris and the Coffee County NAACP branch joined forces Saturday in a peaceful protest to demand justice for him. The family has been pushing for transparency and answers for over a year.

Pernell’s family wants to know what happened in the time between Harris's arrest and his hospitalization. Harris was in a coma for over a year after his interaction with law enforcement and succumbed to his injuries a few weeks ago. The GBI has yet to release a full report on the inviestigation into Mr. Harris's arrest, tasing, and death at the hands of law enforcement in Coffee County.

Gerald Griggs, NAACP president, said he stands in solitary with the family.

“We are demanding that the GBI concludes their report. It’s been well over a year at this point, and we’ve heard nothing,” he said. “Usually, the GBI takes 90 days, and they refer the case to the DA’s office. What is taking so long to get access to the information?” It's time for answers for the family of PERNELL HARRIS.


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