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The Georgia NAACP President expresses concerns about overcharging of Black Defendants in Macon, Ga

The Georgia NAACP completely supports the Macon-Bibb NAACP's investigation into the charges brought against the alleged 32 street racers who were charged in October 2022. The Executive Committee of the Macon-Bibb NAACP has expressed concern about possible prosecutorial overreach in the charging decisions, and the Georgia NAACP shares these concerns.

In a press conference held in March 2023, President Gwen Westbrooks voiced her objections to the possible overcharging by the Macon-Bibb Solicitor General. She called it "ridiculous" and stated that the NAACP will not stand for it. She further stated “that the organization will sit in courtrooms every time they open, to ensure that people are being treated fairly.”

The State Conference of the Georgia NAACP has requested that the Solicitor General release all information concerning the case, both open and closed, to the Macon-Bibb NAACP immediately. The organization has also called for all charged individuals to be treated fairly and not overcharged for the incident. The Georgia NAACP believes that justice in this situation requires fairness and justice tempered with mercy.

NAACP President Gerald Griggs issues a statement on Macon Georgia

The organization has pledged to continue monitoring the situation in support of the Macon-Bibb NAACP. It is committed to ensuring that justice is served fairly and impartially for all individuals involved in this case.

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